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Instaminutes help users to summarize meetings into concise notes.

There are three ways to summarize your meetings

  1. 1. By uploading recorded meeting audio
  2. 2. Recording live meeting
  3. 3. Automatically, just Integrate meeting tools like Zoom & get summarized notes.
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How to summarize your meetings using Instaminutes?

  1. 1. Login using your Gmail.
  2. 2. Click “+New Instanote” button.showing new instanote button
  3. 3. Choose “Record” to record live meeting & Click “Start Recording”
  4. 4. Or Choose “Upload” to upload recorded meeting audio
  5. 5. After your meeting is over or uploading is done, Click “Summarize”
  6. 6. Our AI models will start summarizing in the background.
  7. 7. In the meantime, Write a title for your meetingsshowing how to enter title.
  8. 8. Add Attendees by adding their email addresses to share summarized meeting notes with them
  9. 9. It may take 2-5 mins to complete the summarization depending on length of meeting
  10. 10. We will email you once it’s done. Enjoy summarizing.

How to integrate Instaminutes with Zoom to summarize automatically?

  1. 1. Login using your gmail
  2. 2. Click on “+ Apps”showing connect apps button
  3. 3. Select Zoom and Click “Connect”connecting zoom button demo
  4. 4. Zoom authentication page will open
  5. 5. Click on “Pre-approve” buttonshowing pre approve button
  6. 6. Click “Authorize” buttonClick on authorize button
  7. After successfully connecting Zoom, a tick mark will appear on Zoom and it will show “Connected”
  8. For every Zoom meeting you want summarized notes, Click “Record” in your Zoom meeting tool only
  9. 9. After your meeting is done, Click “Stop recording”
  10. 10. You will automatically get an email when your summarized meeting notes will be ready
  11. 11. Click on email and go to summarized notes
  12. 12. Click on any note you want to edit
  13. 13. Or click “Add New Notes” to add new key points
  14. 14. Click “Save”and then “Yes, Share” to share final summarized meeting notes with all meeting attendees.


    1. 1. Integration is available with Zoom Pro or above premium accounts only.
    2. 2. Integration with Zoom (free accounts) & other meeting tools will be live soon.
    3. 3. Zoom may take 5-30 mins to share your recorded meeting audio. Check the Cloud Recording section under your Zoom profile for more details.

Pro Tip!

How to enable automatic recording to summarize every zoom meeting?

  1. 1. Users can manually start recording at the time of Zoom meeting or you can enable automatic recording by going to settings.
  2. 2.Enable the automatic recording (Recommended)configure auto zoom meeting creation
  3. 3. Please enable the “Record audio only file” in the cloud recording section.

How to summarize meetings manually (For Zoom Non-pro Users)?

  1. 1. Login using your gmail
  2. 2. Click “+New InstaNote” button
  3. Go to your local recording files of Zoom. E.g;
    • Mac/Linux :-> /Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom
    • Windows:-> C:\Users\User Name\Documents\Zoom
    • Upload the audio only file on Instaminutes and enjoy the summary.

How to disconnect Zoom?

  1. 1. Click on “+ Apps”
  2. 2. Click “Disconnect” to deauthorize the Zoom app from Instaminutes.
  3. 3. You will need to re-connect Zoom if you wish to summarize your Zoom meeting automatically.
  4. 4. Please refer “How to summarize your meetings using Instaminutes?” to use Instaminutes after disconnecting Zoom.