Meeting Fatigue? Here are the 5 ways to Manage

Meeting Fatigues are very common recently due to constant work pressure and less work load. It has been the end of your work day and you cannot hold on anymore. You feel the glitch of your nerves crying for some rest. You are almost very happy as you are on a way to log off in a minute or two. Suddenly, a call comes and it directs everyone to be ready within the next ten minutes for an urgent meeting with the client and board of directors. You read the notification that just arrived  from your department to be ready with all files as the client is already expecting high outcomes.

reduce meeting fatigue tips
Meeting Fatigue? Here are the 5 ways to Manage

 In Spite of your wish to go back home you have to attend the last call for the sake of your professionalism. You feel very exhausted, tired and mute from within yet you aren’t alone. There are many more like you. 

In this article we tried to come up with some helpful information to make yourself more intellectual and a smart manager of such issues

What is Meeting Fatigue?

Meeting fatigue, also known as virtual video call fatigue, is described as the feeling of extreme tiredness and exhaustion associated with online meetings. Meeting exhaustion is not specific to anyone platform but to several platforms.

A core psychological component of fatigue is having to repeatedly engage in an activity that is very draining, but has to be done by the person involved anyway.

Major Symptoms

  • Feelings of exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Social detachment
  • Lack of motivation
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Low productivity

How to Manage Meeting Fatigue?

Before it all starts to sound overwhelming, here’s some good news: It is easy to manage zoom fatigue with the right habits.

You can significantly reduce or even eliminate zoom Meeting fatigue by a few simple additions to your daily routine. Taking periodic breaks not only helps manage zoom meeting fatigue, but also increases overall productivity. Here are a few tips that you can start working on for the next time you have a meeting!

  • Turn on the Camera when highly required

Not all meetings need attentive energetic faces. Give yourself a bit of rest while hearing the other side of the meeting.  A feeling of visibility shall disappear and you would feel at ease during the meeting without worrying about your top-notch look. Turning on the camera should ideally be optional in random meetings but only the topic of discussion matters the most. 

  • Eliminate the Visual Distractions From Your Background

On-screen diversions go beyond the self yet off- screen diversions are in your hand to manage.. While on a video call, we not only focus on other people’s faces but also their backgrounds with a lot of concentration. The calculation is quite simple- the more visuals you feed, the more your brain thinks. So In order to overcome this taunt, all you need is to be more interested in meetings than on people’s background. The participants are advised to keep a solid or nude colour background. 

  •  Your Eyes Deserve Breaks

Sometimes we should allow aur ryes to rejuvenate and relax too during large meeting spans. This also relaxes our eye muscles. Our eyes are a door to the world we see and analyse, so taking care of a sensitive body part is highly essential. In order to do so, often look out of the window above the sky to relax a bit or towards lush green gardens. Take short breaks from time to time and after work make sure to rub cold ice while you wash your face at home. This will reduce stress of eyes and block popping of dark circles.

  • Avoid Multitasking Whenever Possible

It’s tempting to do more in less time when the reward of such an opportunity means more free time but it can be hampering at the same point . Because you use your brain for different tasks, switching between them can tire out your brain faster, making your brain less productive. Imagine what could happen to your laptop’s health when you’re running too many apps/software at once. Sometimes it hangs or slows down at the hit of the moment making you anxious. So to avoid such negative marks on your activity it’s better to control your temptation. You have to take important meeting notes. That’s very hectic but instaminutes has made this task easier for you. It’s an AI automation tool designed to make meeting notes without troubling the participant.

  •  Don’t be a Statue

Remember the Phase “ All work no play makes Jack a dull boy ” ? This is what you need to keep in mind while working, remember not to be a robot and move around from time to time. Moving from one place to another is highly essential as it does not freeze your body. The blood circulation is properly regulated in the body making you a bit active all day long. To avoid having meeting Fatigue remember to keep your mind quite entertained by taking short breaks and moving around. Moving your body is your own style of exercising to avoid freezing.

We know shifting to a new normal is a challenging cup of tea, yet we hope these habits would be helpful for avoiding meeting fatigue.

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