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Why Insta-Minutes?


Transcriptions are #lengthy

+1500 Words

+5000 Words

We speak 5000+ words in 30 minutes meeting.

10 - 15 minutes to read

20 - 25 minutes to read

Reading meeting transcript is time-consuming.

Lengthy & Boring

Lengthy & Boring

Repetitive words, sentences, and so on.

Meeting of30 minutes


Instaminutes is #short

150 Words150 Words

400 Words

Summarize meeting into short notes.

1 minute to read

2 minute to read

Recall your meeting within couple of minutes

Concise & Insightful

Concise & Insightful

Just key points you need. Nothing more nothing less.

Not just short notes

It doubles your productivity with zero manual effort

short notes

Action Items

List of key decisions

Key Decisions

Recap notification

Recap Notification

Real-time recommendation

Real-time Notes

Productivity score

Productivity Score

Engagement score

Engagement Score

Short NotesShort Notes

Not just short notes!

It works with every meeting tool



Years Experience

Google Meet

Google Meet

Years Experience

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Years Experience



Years Experience

Using Insta-minutes

How it Works?

Chrome extension icon

Chrome Extension

Add to Chrome Browser in 2 Clicks. Record & Summarize meetings from browser directly.

Zoom extension icon

Zoom Integration

Integrate with Zoom in 3 clicks. Record meetings on Zoom and get meeting notes.

Connect your calendar

AI Assistant

Integrate Google Calendar in 2 clicks. Your personalized AI assisstant will take your notes.

Upload your files to cloud

Upload Audio

Upload Audio from Insta-minutes dashboard in 1 click and summarize it into short notes.

Not just short notes

Insta-Minutes is
optimized for You

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Success Stories

Gautam Pratap Singh

Gautam Pratap Singh

ShareChat, General Manager



In Efficiency


In Productivity

I spent most of my time into team meetings, and taking notes during meetings was really hectic. And when I found Instaminutes on LinkedIn, I really believed that it wont do the job. Though I tried it in couple of my meetings and surprisingly, it was good. It gave me key points we discussed during call. Other team members were also surprised when I shared the notes with them.



In Efficiency


In Productivity

Not just short notes

We back you up in any
type of conversation


350 +

Efficiency Boost

100 %

Meeting Hours

24,000 +

Full encryption securityfull encyption security

It’s fully secured

Even we can’t see or listen anything

Your recordings and meeting notes are stored in cloud with state of the art encryption technology. Only you can access it.

Integrate everything,
Making work & meeting life easier


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